Wire Wrap Bracelet DIY

I’ve fallen in love in love with the natural stone jewelry. And when I saw these wire bracelets that have been so trendy I thought, I bet I could make those. Heck, some of these bracelets were over $20! So I got supplies together and figured a great way to make these babies.    It happened to be under $10 for supplies and didn’t take me long. So I’d like to share this craft with you today. Also this outfit was what I wore when I spoke at Pinners Conference and taught my class on how to make these bangles. Thanks to the following businesses for providing me with a rad outfit. It’s always great to feel confident and more beautiful when your speaking in front of a ton of people. Am I right? Fox and Jem : Chambray DressCents of Style : Hat and ShoesArvo : WatchKay and Star : Necklace       Ok, now that you’ve made it past the “Smile pretty” pics here’s what you’re looking for, the tutorial. And here’s what you’ll need to make the wire wrap bracelets.   What you need:   Needle nose plyers 24 gauge wire (gold or silver) 3 beads … Continue reading Wire Wrap Bracelet DIY