We were walking down the aisle of the dollar store and I turned to Tyson and asked, “What would you like your birthday party theme to be?” “Army!”, was his reply and then he spent the next few days telling me all the fun ideas he had planned for the party. Oh man, I have raised little party planners. Hopefully their wives will thank me. Haha! So here is a recap of the Army Man themed party I put together for his eighth birthday.Thanks to all the family who came and supported us. And here’s a simple Army Themed party tutorial for you as well.   ARMY MAN THEMED PARTY The Invites I made these invites which you can download for FREE over at my FREE download page here. Army Party Food Ideas Next I have to talk about the goodies. Yes, the food. A party is never a good one without ahhhmazing treats. The cookies pictures are from Cookies By George. I would definitely recommend them and I’m sure those at the party would agree. I barely got one they flew off the table. And even though they were shipped to me they were still super fresh. The gumballs I found at Zurchers … Continue reading ARMY THEMED BIRTHDAY