Construction Worker Kids Birthday Party + Free Printables

If you know me then you know I love to throw parties and have struggled with keeping the parties simple. It’s a tough balance for me because I love planning, shopping, and putting the party together. Its another way I can express my creativity. So while I’d like to say this party was simple I need to say that it was a success. Period. I had found some chocolate tools after Easter on sale and then by luck found plastic hats and construction vests at a thrift store, in the package! It was meant, my Dane was supposed to have a Worker Party. Thankfully he was still a little one who is a big fan of diggers so he was thrilled for his party. I had a lot of fun with chocolate when I planned this party cause “A” it looks like dirt and matched the brown, orange, and black theme and “B” My family loves chocolate. I had chocolate tools, pretzels, cake, and chocolate covered Oreos. Most of the treats were from Summertime Sweets, a talented shop that makes amazing chocolaty treats. She is based in Utah so give her a call if you’re local. Her email is … Continue reading Construction Worker Kids Birthday Party + Free Printables