Moab Camping in Spring

Moab in Spring Every once in a while I find that schedules line up in life. It’s not too often, so when it does I try to take advantage of it. With a work schedule change my husband happened to find himself with five days off in a row! We decided this was a perfect excuse to go on a family vacation. We love our families and most of our vacations are to visit them. Well this trip was purely just to get away and it was amazing. We planned a three-day-trip to Moab, Utah. My husbands first car, which we still own, is a Jeep so naturally we have been to Moab before. But we hadn’t gone to many of the parks nearby including Arches. We decided we would spend a couple of days in Arches and then maybe go to Canyon lands or Goblin Valley on the last day. We ended spending the entire time at Arches and had so much fun! I would love to go back, even this year. We ended up staying in a small cabin that was only $40 a night in Moab.┬áIt even had a mini fridge and microwave. It also had three … Continue reading Moab Camping in Spring