Type 1 Diabetes and Audrey – PT 1

SIGNS  Audrey is the youngest of our six amazing children. She has a feisty way that makes a mother proud. She challenges her older brothers, hollers when upset, and climbs the dirt hill in our backyard without any hesitation. When she slides down or falls, she picks herself up with dirt-stained knees and waves to me at the window. Though she is only two years old, her smart, absorbent, and kind personality has already begun to blossom. My husband and I would say, “When you’re the youngest of six children you need to be strong.” During Christmas we traveled to see my family in Las Vegas from Northern Utah. During that time our little Audrey naturally weaned. I had decided to let her breastfeed until she naturally wanted as she is our last baby. Within a few days I noticed her thirst. She asked for bottles full of water often. And in turn was soaking through diapers one after another. As she was newly weaned, I assumed that she was using the bottle as a supplemental comfort. This continued even after we came home around New Years. I had turned to my husband and said, “We need to size up … Continue reading Type 1 Diabetes and Audrey – PT 1