How to Make a Balloon Garland & Arch

Photos by Snap Happy Mom If you’ve wanted to learn how to make a balloon garland, you’ve come to the right place. Make a balloon garland can be a fantastic statement piece for a party. And the best part is it usually is a relatively inexpensive statement piece for a party that really sets a mood and defines space. I’ve also enjoyed playing with the versatility and embellishment options of a balloon garland. So here is a tutorial for you. Supplies to Make a Balloon Garland balloons string scissors (optional) balloon pump How to Make a Balloon Garland Hand making a balloon garland can take some patience. So grab a snack or pop on that Netflix and you will pass the time no problem. When you pick the colors of your garland remember the colors will set the theme. Pick coordinating colors that fit with the rest of your party. For a fun party pick three or so colors. For a more neutral party you could go with white and gold. Here are the directions. Blow up your balloons. Roll out the strong as long as you would like your balloon garland. Cut a piece of string that is 6 … Continue reading How to Make a Balloon Garland & Arch