Macrame Backdrop + Rainbow Light Event Recap

Rainbow Light Event Recap Women need women. We need each other to lean on. We need each other to support each other. Motherhood is hard. And there are just some trials we go through that only women can understand. So a couple weeks ago I was able to host a lovely dinner in an orchard to promote wellness among women with some of my favorite friends. The event was sponsored by Rainbow Light Prenatals. I was so happy to throw the event for them as they have a great product. Rainbow Light Prenatals are a fantastic set of vitamins to take you from preconception to postpartum. The vitamins specialize in providing the exact nutrition your body needs to get through creating a life. Amazing, right? So to celebrate and honor our own wellness we met for a dinner and yoga practice. The event was held at Rowleys Red barn located in Santaquin, Utah along the hills. It is just 20 minutes south of the busy cities. Rowleys Red Barn is a family owned farm ran by brothers and specializing in selling local and country inspired goods. As you pull up, you park just north of the large red barn. There … Continue reading Macrame Backdrop + Rainbow Light Event Recap