Casual Valentine’s Day Outfits

I may be about to pop but girls gotta feel good on Valentine’s Day. And this year my husband and I opted for a more casual Valentines with dinner, dessert, and some Netflix. So I’ve put together some casual Valentines Day outfit ideas for anyone looking for something new but on the casual side.  My outfit is from My Sisters Closest. You can use CANARYJANE they’ll get 10% off your order! Otherwise, check out the rest of my outfit ideas and hope you find one that fits your style! Each can be worn after Valentines Day but aren’t over the top of in your face with hearts! Casual Valentine’s Day Outfits Polka Dot Valentine’s Day Outfit This outfit is comfy with this forgiving v neck dress but dressy enough for dinner. The bell sleeves make this outfit super cute and anything but boring. black v neck dress with polka dot shirt (pictured above) with black Arvo watch, black choker, heart earrings black wool hat, and brown booties   Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Day Outfit This is the perfect outfit for your typical romantic but casual enough for a simple dinner or movie. simple pink or red swing trapeze dress with brown Arvo watch, … Continue reading Casual Valentine’s Day Outfits