Ice Castles : Midway, Utah

¬†Visit the magical Ice Castles across the nation for fun winter adventures! Read through special events along with our experience.¬† If you happen to be close to any of the locations (listed below) we definitely recommend you go as they make a great date night, family activity, or photo opp. Read through our experience so you’re prepared to have the best time possible. At the bottom of the post you can see the information and special event info. Visit the Ice Castles Today we were able to explore the Ice Castles! It’s really an amazing place with fountains, slides, tunnels, and caves. The Ice Castles is amazing because its made over months of adding water to icicles over time letter each layer freeze. We happened to go in the day but going at night has its perks too. During the night the ice castles are lit up with different colored lights and some nights there are even fire performances (see special events). Couple of things to mention if you do visit is I would highly recommend wearing boots or snowshoes. The floor is made up of crushed ice and will get in your shoes. Along those lines dress warmly. Even … Continue reading Ice Castles : Midway, Utah