15+ Grocery Shopping Tips: How I spend $100 a Week for Six

Read through tips on how to save money grocery shopping and learn how I spend $100 a week for my family of six. Also check out my shopping list printable at the bottom of the post. Before blogging, I used to coupon. I also grew up on the lower end of the middle-class shopping at thrift stores and eating dried banana chips. So both these experiences combined have to lead to the mentality of frugal grocery shopping. And because of this I consistently spend around $100 for our meals for the week. This sometimes includes eating out. But one of my tricks is our family doesn’t eat out much. My husband packs his lunches and I eat leftovers often. I’ve included how our family does this with some tips below even without using coupons. That being said I’ve included a small section of the post to couponing for those interested. These tips take a little time such as meal planning, but overall not much. I work part time, have loads of kids, and don’t have time for lots of prep. I do, however, want to say that sometimes some of these tips are not realistic for every family, especially if … Continue reading 15+ Grocery Shopping Tips: How I spend $100 a Week for Six