New Years Eve with Kids + Free Printable Clock Plates

Check out these fun New Years even ideas for you and the family to have some fun counting down! Whether you celebrate early or stay up all night we’ve got you covered. There are games and decor ideas for everyone that’s sure to make a fun night celebrating new years even with kids! Balloon Drop Clock plates (pictured above) Clear or black plates glue stick or scotch tape printout of clock face (bottom of the post) ribbon (optional) Print out the clock face. You may need to adjust the size of the face according to your size of plates. Cut out the clock face. If you have clear plates glue to the underside of the plate with glue stick sohe face shines through. If you have solid plates like the black plate roll tape and stick to the front. Do this so people can take the face off before eating wet food so the ink doesn’t seep into food. Pop-a- Balloon Every Hour New Years Eve Bingo – Get this fun kid friendly New Years Eve Bingo Fun Photo Backdrop New Years Free Printable Clock Game Watch New Years Around the World New Years Word Search New Years Time Capsule … Continue reading New Years Eve with Kids + Free Printable Clock Plates