Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

“This is what makes our marriage work. The longer I am married the more I realize the key to my marriage is love through service.” I spent the day giggling and smiling with my children. And after carefully tucking each one into bed, kisses, hugs, drinks, and hugs again I finally walk out into the living room. Popcorn, wrappers, blankets, and sheets line the living room where our Friday movie night had been. With my sleeves rolled I clean, wash and scrub and smile. This is not always the case for me. But tonight I feel a sense of love in what I am doing. My husband is gone away to a football game tonight with his old college roommate. Even though I am left with tucking and clean solo, I am still smiling. As I scrub off dinner into the sink I am filled with love for my husband. And just as I am serving him tonight, he has and will do the same for me. In fact a couple months ago I was gone for a women’s retreat for three days. He picked up the kids from sitters, cleaned, and cooked the whole time. This is what makes our … Continue reading Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage