Adventure Playdate Event Recap

To celebrate summer the Canary Jane team put on an amazing summer kickoff event called Adventure Playdate at the Manor at the Riverwoods.  The event was sponsored by Brainquest Summer Workbooks. All photos from the event and on this post are by the talented Sadie Banks Photography. Follow the Trail The event followed a trail of activties for kids were able to have fun, learn, and play. If you missed the event I’d love to tell you how it went down. Attendees come in and got a fun colorable trail map. Starting on their trail they were able to make their “gear’. The gear included binoculars and decorating their own newspaper hat.  Once the kids were all geared up they moved on to the campsite area and were able to play with constellation lacing cards under the stars. The next area on the trail was the Lagoon area that had multiple booths. The first booth was a sea scavenger hunt where the children were able to color and practice their math skills. You can get your own sea scavenger hunt here. Another area of the Lagoon was the fishing and bean bag toss booths sponsored by the Riverwoods. Hanging above … Continue reading Adventure Playdate Event Recap