Print and save two different Thanksgiving thankful trees for free. I feel like once Halloween hits it’s practically Christmas. And there is hardly any time to celebrate Thanksgiving. I kinda wish Christmas was in January so there was more time to enjoy the seasons, especially Thanksgiving. Even though this is a busy time of the year I still try to talk to my children about Thanksgiving and what it stands for. A simple way we have enjoyed the season of thanksgiving is by hanging a thankful tree. What is a thankful tree? A thankful tree can be done a handful of ways. Some people grab branches off some trees outside or form the ground and put them in a vase. They then hang printed leaves or floral leaves from the tree. On the leaves they write what they are thankful for. Another way people celebrate with a thankful tree is they will make a tree from brown butcher paper and then use cut out leaves to write their thankful list. Today I have created two different versions of a Thankful Tree for you to print if you’d like. One is the traditional tree and leaves. The second is a wood … Continue reading FREE THANKFUL TREE & OTHER WAYS TO BE THANKFUL