Healing from a Miscarriage

Never for a moment have I thought that having a miscarriage or loss of a child would be easy. Nothing about it is easy. And with each Facebook or blog post, each discussion, every time I heard of someone, my heart has always ached. HEALING FROM A MISCARRIAGE  But as most experiences in life, I’ve found I cannot fully understand or empathize without first experiencing an event in life myself. I like to think this can be a silver lining to the hardships we face in life. Through our hardships, we are bonded to each other. We slightly understand the inner feelings and turmoil that can in no other way be expressed. So I share my experience today not because I am looking for sympathy. But because I know others may be going through what I have, and many alone. You are not alone. You are not broken. The pain may or may not fade but we can continue living. My Story We found out we were pregnant earlier this year. Our other children were so excited. They prayed for mommy and baby. We talked about the growing baby often. I went through nausea and awaited the flutters. We even made a … Continue reading Healing from a Miscarriage