I received a travel system from CYBEX in exchange for writing a review on the blog. The words and opinions are mine. #ad
Don’t let that billboard, commercial, or movie make you think that our culture doesn’t respect Fathers because after seeing the millions of Facebook posts honoring them, I know that our society needs and loves them more than ever.

 A couple days ago was Fathers Day and I couldn’t help but see the millions of posts about the greatness of fathers that day. Not a single post I read said “My Father is a lazy bum.” I think fathers are still as important as ever in the home and most are trying their hardest. Even when we are out I look over and see while my husband is pushing our Cybex stroller what a good father he is.

Every post talked about how amazing and influential their fathers were in their lives and the lives of those they were around. See, I am writing this as a plea, a plea to the media for more accurate and positive Father characters. More depictions of Fathers spending all the time they can with their children after working a hard long day of work.

For Fathers Day we planned on creating a in home mini golf course and doing whatever Daddy wants to do. We ate all his favorite foods and walked to the park. Even while we were at the park recently with our Cybex Stroller (which can be purchased at BuyBuyBaby) my husband asked if I needed a break from pushing. Even on fathers day he was willing to helped as we walked to and through the park.

My husband and I have really enjoyed finding good products for our family. One that we are really enjoying is our stroller from Cybex so I wanted to share how nice it is to have a good sun shade while we are on walks. The wheels make it turn well and the whole system looks really sleek.

You dads out there are rocking it! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. I see in my Father and my husband how amazing fathers are. Both are not prefect but try their hardest to be good fathers. They both make time to show love to their children and provide for them of which I am so grateful. Thank you Fathers!

So, what are your plans for Fathers Day? Do you have anything fun planned? If you are looking for some fun ideas I have some in my free printables library here. We also have recently tried a new line from Crocs for Fathers Day and we love them. Did you know they have shoes for the whole family and in ton of different styles? Hope you and all the Fathers have a great weekend.