Instagram Hashtag guide

  Instagram has been an amazing tool in my business. Here are some tips that I have spent hours figuring out. These tips take time and practice but have proven to help me be successful in my business on Instagram. Last week I had the chance to speak at Snap, a conference for bloggers, about Instagram. I spoke with two other talented creatives about tips that have helped us be successful and has helped us figure out ways to make better content for Instagram.  Here are a few of those tips. Here is a highlight of the points that Natasha from Violet Tinder shared: Treat your Instagram as if it is a portfolio of your work Use Instagram to tell a story and build your brand Pictures to avoid sharing… Ask yourself: If someone I didn’t know personally shared this picture, what would I think? BE CONSISTENT – work to create a coherent feed When creating a cohesive feed: Categories of photo themes Reuse props Always use great lighting! Signature props, help tie things together Rachel from Lines Across shared some great tips too: Use relevant hashtags Engage authentically in the community Participate in contests or challenges (like WHP and … Continue reading Instagram Hashtag guide