How to Beat the Instagram Algorythm

Instagram for me was a fun artistic way to express myself. Now it has become a career. And in this post I will share some tips of how to beat the new algorithm being put into play that will be similar to Facebook. To illustrate why this is affecting me and thousands others lets think of me as a shop. I build my shop on a busy street. I get lots of business. Then the city decided to reroute my street. My business goes down. And the city says they’ll let a couple cars in if I pay them money. Pretty greedy if you ask me. So if you’re not into social media marketing you may not know that Facebook has an algorithm which determines what is in your news feed. The posts that are shown are not what was organically posted. If you’ve ever wondered why you never see your aunts posts anymore, that is why. And if you’ve ever seen a business with tons of people liking their page but hardly anyone engaging or liking it. It’s because Facebook has withheld that post from being views. Currently if you are wanting to get your posts seen you have … Continue reading How to Beat the Instagram Algorythm