New Years Health & Fitness Goals

Today we have words from some amazing fitness gurus about making your New Years health and fitness goals. We all got em’ and too often we fall short after a couple of weeks. So heres some words of wisdom to consider. (All photos taken by Since it’s January and all I wanted to take a quick break from my artistic life to talk about healthy choices. I am actually a part time fitness instructor of three years and have found that making healthy choices makes me a better mother, human, and person. I am better able to take care of myself and others. And when I do this I am more inspired and able to make time for creativity. So though this post isn’t about my normal adventures, it is very important to my professional life.  So today I’ve asked a few friends who know their stuff to share some professional health tips to get you through the rest of the year.If you’re like my husband, you may have already given up on starting the year healthy. So hopefully their words will inspire you to keep going and make some good lifestyle choices. So here they are, Rachel and Jill. … Continue reading New Years Health & Fitness Goals