Learn Yoga Basics

Beginning Yoga , Beginner video , & Mediation   After my first baby I remember coming home and slipping onmy pre-pregnancy pants. Except there was nothing “slippy” about it.  The pants came to about my thighs before I started to wiggle and spastically jump. Youknow, the shimmy-your-pants-on dance. Come on… we’ve all done it. I was sohappy to not be pregnant anymore. I was so happy to not feel like a blimp. And I was completely oblivious to the stage your body goes through after a baby.    Pregnancy alone does a toll on a woman’s body. And I haven’t met a women who naturally bounced back the next day from a pregnancy.  I remember first looking inthe mirror thinking, “Where did those hips come from?”.  Or I will never forget what it feel like tohave a pillow for a stomach. When you have a baby, you get a pillow for a stomach for the first week or so. Just trust me.   I was happyto embrace my curves. Those curves were signs of my strong momma body. That body had carried and grew another life. What I wanted to change was my energylevels. I knew it would take time. … Continue reading Learn Yoga Basics