How to Make Giant Bubbles

I consider myself a lucky person. I’ve won contests and free stuff. Can’t get luckier than that? Heck, my job involves playing with the kids I adore and drawing all day. Well, I got lucky when I was selected as part of a team to help with one of the parties at  Alt Summit, a creative and influencers conference in Salt Lake. We were assigned to create a giant bubble station and we had such a fun time putting together this amazing element of the party. As a group of three, we all did our part to prepare for this party and contribute and I loved working together creatively. For weeks we contacted sponsors and worked out details of the party. The day of the party we worked hard to finish off this amazing element of the party that included two giant troughs full of giant bubble solution. Hand made floral arrangements on either side of the troughs. A 20 foot balloons garland that was embellished with amazing tissue flowers. To finish off the party we had giant 36 in yellow balloons with flower vines dangling.   Giant Bubble Recipe and Bubble Wand Instructions Giant Bubble Recipe Supplies: 1/2 teaspoon J-Lube 2 tablespoons … Continue reading How to Make Giant Bubbles