Thoughts on Good

 Hi there! I wanted to share today an update on my shop first and what I’ve been up to. To launch my new shop I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers. I am drawing their portraits in exchange for them sharing my new shop on their blogs. I’m hoping this will get the word out about Canary Jane.  I’m also working with some fun companies right now to help share some goodness.

One of these companies is Bridgewater Candle Company.

They are a candle company whose candles remind me of my Nanas gardenias. Their candles smell amazing! But the really fantastic part is they are paired up with a non-profit called Rice Bowls. 

Each time one of Bridgewater’s Light a Candle • Feed a
Child™ products is purchased, Bridgewater makes a donation to Rice Bowls, a
non-profit whose mission is to feed orphaned children worldwide. That donation
then provides 3 meals for a child in an orphanage oversees. With orphanage
sponsorships in 8 different countries, Bridgewater is proud of the part its
candles play in being a small part of something big.

I have been pondering the age old fight against good and evil. There awful events happening in the world and then there are forces that are fighting against the degradation of mankind. Since I have become a blogger I have become more aware of some of the forces out there fighting for good. One of these is Musana, another is OUR, and today I am so happy to be paired up with Bridgewater Candle Company to spread their word in honor of their Party for a Purpose Week. They are celebrating the program, Light a Candle Feed a Child program which is turning 5! What a neat program?!
So here’s the fun part. One of you can win THREE candles from Bridgewater Candles. Here’s what you can choose from:

Core Collection Large and Small Jar Candle:
 Large Jar: 24.00
Small Jar: 16.00
Mingle Candle Tin: 20.00
Inspirations For Life Tall Jar Candle: 18.00

Best of luck to you all and have a relaxing weekend.