To celebrate summer the Canary Jane team put on an amazing summer kickoff event called Adventure Playdate at the Manor at the Riverwoods.  The event was sponsored by Brainquest Summer Workbooks.

Follow the Trail

The event followed a trail of activties for kids were able to have fun, learn, and play. If you missed the event I’d love to tell you how it went down. Attendees come in and got a fun colorable trail map. Starting on their trail they were able to make their “gear’. The gear included binoculars and decorating their own newspaper hat.  Once the kids were all geared up they moved on to the campsite area and were able to play with constellation lacing cards under the stars.

The next area on the trail was the Lagoon area that had multiple booths. The first booth was a sea scavenger hunt where the children were able to color and practice their math skills. You can get your own sea scavenger hunt here. Another area of the Lagoon was the fishing and bean bag toss booths sponsored by the Riverwoods. Hanging above the Lagoon was palm leaves and sea creatures from Oriental Trading. I was able to also use Oriental Trading to order the binoculars , blow up animals and lacing cards for the event.

Moving into the other room the large counter area was filled with goodies from sponsor Ruby Snap and also featured a trail mix bar, juice boxes, and fruit. I have a bunch of fun DIY trail mix ideas here if you’re wanting to try your own custom trail mix. Right next to the food area we had a toddler area sponsored from Blickenstaffs with a fun activity table, tent, and toys. On the food table and throughout the event we had fun decorations from Rodworks!

Moving into the large room there were a ton of activities for children to pick from. Provo Beach Resort brought an arcade sized fruit ninja game that was a big hit! We had a balloon artist and giveaways from so many generous sponsors every 15 minutes. We also had a photo booth that made you look like you were in a hot air balloon! In the corner we also had a fun planting craft sponsored by DMC yarn and modge podge. You can see how to make this craft here.

In this room Redmond Farms also brought a life-sized wooden cow to learn where milk comes from and had fun samples of their healthy products. We also had cactus bowling in the desert area. We also did jungle limbo with a large limbo stick that was so fun!

Giveaways, Swag, and More

You can see that there was so much to do at the event and so many fun booths thanks to so many businesses! I have to say a big thankyou to them. Many local businesses contributed to the event with decorations, food, swag, and giveaways. Their contributions made the event amazing. These are the generous brands who donated swag:

Kortni Jeane

Tubby Todd



Rod Works

Holster Brands

Inspirational Nursery Rhymes


Soel Boutique

Udderly Smooth

Ella’s Bows

I loved creating this fun summer kickoff and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Brainquest who was the official sponsor of the event! The whole event and the concept of the trail was all inspired by their summer brainquest books that my kids have loved. One of my sons finished his book in two days because he liked it so much! If you would like to check them out, here are the summer workbooks:

Grade K/1

Grade 1/2

Grade 2/3

Grade 3/4

Grade 4/5

Grade 5/6

I loved putting on this family event and sharing the fun products from Brainquest! I’m so excited for the next event, Knead to Craft, and many others to come. Scroll to see more fun! And see you at the next event!



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