In case your kids keep asking “How many days is it until Halloween” I’m sharing five different Halloween printables, a DIY, and how to hang them in an easy and simple way. 

This top is from Gray Monroe. To purchase click here.

I’ve been really focusing on trying to slow down and enjoy the moment. Too often I’m thinking about what is coming up next or plans for the future. Apparently my kids are the same way. Since October hit they keep asking, “Is Halloween tomorrow?” No child, it’s barely October.

I have had some fun getting ready for Halloween so I wanted to share some of my the things I’ve made. Here is the link to how I made the macramé pumpkins.
To make the crow feather wreath I purchased a wire wreath frame, tons of black feathers, Marabou Feather Trim Tape-Black, and some white feathers. I first hot-glued the feather trim around the inner rings of the wire wreath. Then I filled in the rest with the loose feathers. Last I hot-glued the white feathers.
For the orange skeleton I purchased a few of these 20 inch hanging skeletons. I stray painted them orange. Then I glued some leftover feathers and feather trim from the wreath craft.
To make the printable holder I used four paint sticks, some white spray paint, rope, hot glue, and magnets. I trimmed the paint sticks to a few inches longer than my paper so about 11 inches. I then spray painted them white. Once they were dry I glued two magnets on each one. Make sure to glue the sides that attract to each pair of paint sticks so they create a clasp. Last glue the rope onto the top paint stick and stick in your countdown.
Last, I drew bunch of variations of some Halloween illustrations. There are a ton of different countdowns so you can print out whichever one you love. Also please remember these are not to be used professionally in any way. These are property of Canary Jane Creative. Enjoy!!!

Instructions for printing pirntables:
1. Click the file you would like to print.
2. Once the larger version has opened, right click the image.
3. Click the “save file” option.
4. Open the file on your computer under the file you saved it as, and click”print”.

And here’s a coloring page of a spooky crow because why not.

To see more FREE Halloween printables check out my library here or you may also like to checkout this yummy Halloween treat. How did you decorate your home? I’d love to hear or even see. Send me a photo of your home decorated and I’ll share it here! Email to submit your décor and be featured! Happy Halloween!