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With summer coming to an end we are trying to get outside any chance we get. But with school starting and the weather cooling down we found ourselves a little under the weather. After recovering we were able to get outside and do a summer scavenger hunt. I’ve created a free printable so you and your family can enjoy too.


Summer Scavenger hunt free printable canary jane


When my youngest got the sniffles and I recently twisted my ankle we were quick to get some Children’s MOTRIN® and Extra Strength TYLENOL®. Using these medicine family from Target we were able to get better so we could get back to business of having fun. You can check these out at Target.com .

And the MOTRIN® PM helped with the soreness of my ankle. I’ve rolled my ankle several times. And as a fitness instructor I have to try to heal as quickly as possible. The MOTRIN® PM worked great because it has Ibuprofen in it which helped with the ache and swelling for my ankle.

I am really grateful for medicine. Nora is a much happier child when she isn’t sick. And the Children’s MOTRIN® had a great cherry flavor and kicked the cold. And thankfully we have recovered in time to go on a nature scavenger hunt we had been wanting to do.

For our scavenger hunt I created this free printable at the bottom of the post. We went to a nearby hiking trail and brought some markers to mark off when we found something on our list. This hiking trail is minutes from our home and one of our favorite spots. Do you and your family have a favorite spot?

It is so refreshing to get outside and look for nature. My boys had a lot of fun. So on my list I included nature items I think are fairly easy to find. If you want to make it harder you could hunt for each of the individual bugs. Or you could let your kids come up with their own ideas of things to look for.




summer scavenger hunt free printable canary jane


Here’s how to print. If you want to ty out your own nature walk you can print these nature scavenger hunts here’s how you do it:
1. Right click on the image.
2. From there save the file onto your computer.
3. Then open the file on your computer.
4. Right click and select print.
5. Then grab your markers, crayons, or color pencils and your tennis shoes. You’re ready!


summer scavenger hunt free printable canary jane













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Thanks for checking out this post and always for your love. I hope your little have a blast searching for bugs and fun. And I especially hope you stay healthy during this last little bit of summer. Get positively prepared with the right pain relief for you and your family at Target.