Halloween is practically here! We’ve decorated our house and picked out our giant pumpkins. We even had a spooky picnic with bat catching and some yummy healthy Halloween treats. Bat catch was basically tag with plastic bats and a net, all from the dollar store. 

Our healthy snacks we found at CVS and cookies from Aubergine and Co. The gummy candies I am pretty excited about. They are Gold Emblem jelly candy and don’t have artificial colors, flavors, gelatin, or GMO’s. I was pretty excited to have found some candy that isn’t filling my kids with crazy ingredients. They look like this is you’re ever interested or looking for a healthy option check it out.


So since out picnic the kids have been really excited. Not surprised… I mean, you take them on a Halloween picnic of course they’ll be excited! Each day the kids keep asking, “Is Halloween here yet?” So after what felt like the tenth time of them asking I made them a countdown coloring sheet which of course I wanted to share with you. We had fun making this. The kids told me what to draw for this so you can see our number one is a zombie. My kids are obsessed with zombies, lol. You can download it here.

So what have you and your family done? And fun traditions? We’re literally counting down and can’t wait. Have the spookiest Halloween!!