Mother’s Day Thoughts

 I was talking to a friend yesterday about how becoming a mother transforms your perspective on motherhood and the correlation between empathy and experience.  

Since having my children I have gained a huge appreciation for mothers. I mean, I had respect and admiration for mothers before having my children. And I certainly have respect for those women who take on a mothering role in the community. But, for me, I didn’t truly understand all the work and sacrifice and heck, the lifestyle change that goes in to being a mother, until I became one.
So today I thought about all that my mother and the mothering women in my life have done for me. All the hours of support, love, nourishment, couching, loving, and caring that they have done for me, one… one person. It humbles me how much the women in my life have done for me to help me become who I am and what I do today. So many of these women, especially my mother have encouraged and fostered my artistic abilities.
So today here’s a sketch I did today in honor of mothers, now listed in the shop. I also today have been so grateful for a husband who honors mothers. All day my husband hasn’t been perfect, but he has tried his hardest to make today the best day for me. I haven’t had to change one diaper. Hallelujah! And he made lunch and is currently making dinner. Oh, it is great to get spoiled on Mothers Day. I hope all you mothers feel the =validation and appreciation all women and mothers deserve for serving in this highest of callings.